June 29, 2015

"Cooking is Love made visible."

For today's Project Made post, I wanted to share with you a quick and easy recipe that you can make for someone going through a tough time. Whether they are experiencing an illness, depression, or have been in a serious accident, the last thing the family or the person involved wants to think about is what's for dinner. Think of those that you know taking care of someone sick day in and day out. They don't ask for anything, and yet their life is absolute chaos. I e...

June 28, 2015



"True friendship isn't about being inseparable, it's about being separated and nothing changes."

As much as the men in our lives are our rock, the women in our lives are our sanity and foundation!!! Today's post is all about my Best Friend Annelien, and a great idea for a RAOK as a going away present. 

This little book is the gift Annelien made for me when I was just about to move to Australia. I keep it out on my desk and look at it often. She put pictures, and all the funny little things that...

June 15, 2015

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

This is another tutorials from the very Talented Teri Dodds of Fa Sew La. Teri has put together this wonderful tutorial that is kid friendly and looks like a ton of fun to make. You can really get creative and make it your own, and it works perfectly as a little gift for Nan or your neighbor across the road. Hope on over to the Fa Sew La blog to check out the entire tutorial and be inspired!!


We would love to hear from you about what sorts of projects...

June 15, 2015

"Love is born through the giving of Kindness"

For Project Made, we cant possibly forget about the special men in our lives. My hubby is my rock and the one person on this whole planet who knows me better than I know myself. He is kind, thoughtful, and I am so lucky to have found such a wonderful man to spend the rest of my life with. That is why I have dedicated todays tutorial to say thank you to the special man in your life. 


To make this little coupon book all you need is:


A Printer

Nice qualit...

June 15, 2015

Ok, I am seriously pulling out all the stops for this new pattern... because that is just how excited I am about it. Simple, effortless, and elegant!!! All the makings of a perfect, year round, dress that you can whip up in a matter of hours. No fussy zippers, buttons, or plackets... just straight simple sewing to achieve a flattering fit!! Thats all we ever really want, isn't it...


So, I was originally inspired to design this dress when I travelled to Noosa (in Queensland Australia) earlier in...

June 14, 2015

 "We make a living by what we get, We make a life by what we Give."

I have the worlds greatest friends. Always willing to jump in there and help out. My good friend Mandy from Sew Quirky is so busy with a full time job, and her own business, however she still found time to make up this tutorial for Project Made. I just adore her and her quirky cute style! So today's tutorial is all about how to make these adorable fabric postcards that you can send to your family or friends. This is one card that...

June 11, 2015

"Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever."

I am so excited to introduce y'all to Priscilla from Fashion and Fishing. She is so incredibly sweet, talented, and always there to help out. Plus she's a southern gal, like me!!! When I approached her about Project Made 28, she seemed so keen and came up with this fantastic project that is really close to my heart. Dog Bandanas to donate to your local Animal Shelter. I believe so strongly...

June 10, 2015

"The love of your family, is life's greatest blessing."

Today's Project Made post is inspired by my beautiful sister Shoshana Rae... I only met my sister five years ago after my best friend and I went on a google search to find out more about my family. Through the research we found out that I had a half sister living in Austria!! Talk about Crazy!!! I am so thankful every single day that we were brought together. Even though we were raised as only children on different continents, we have a conn...

June 8, 2015

"Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life, its about what you Inspire others to do."

When I was in High School, one of the best gifts I ever recieved from one of my best friends was a little silver box full of inspiraitonal quotes and bible versus. If ever I was feeling sad or low, I would open up that silver little box and read all the hand written messages, and it would brighten my day. This is where I thought of today's Project Made tutorial for you to give as a RAOK to a clos...

June 6, 2015

 "Giving isn't just about making a donation, it's about making a difference."


I would like to introduce you all to Kelly from So Much to Make. I met Kelly only recently, but when I told her about Project Made she was so eager and excited to share this project and has written an entire blog post about making these cloth dolls for the children's hospital.


"These dolls are used by medical professionals as a communication tool for explaining procedures to a child or diagnosing a child's di...

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