Flat Felled Seam Tutorial

With the release of the Alston Jacket I wanted to walk you through how to completely encase your raw seams using the Flat Felled Seam technique. I will show you two different methods to achieve professional results

If you are serious about learning to make clothing or are already an avid seamstress then the Fashion Multi Tool is everything you need for designing and making garments all in one convenient and compact tool. This tool features a french curve, seam gauge, point turner, mitering tool, hemmer and button hole placement. 

Fashion Multi Tool

In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to achieve a broad back and narrow back adjustment. This adjustment is perfect for tops and jackets that seem to tight or loose across the back area when you hug yourself or stretch your arms out.

Broad and Narrow Back Adjustment

Fitting sleeves can be a challenge. Learn my method for how to do a bicep adjustment to your sleeve pattern to get a better fit.

Bicep Adjustment

Tired of having your tops fall off your shoulder, or they just never seem to fit quite right. This may be because you have narrow or broad shoulders. Learn an easy fix for adjusting your pattern.

Narrow/Broad Shoulder Adjustment

Working with stretchy fabrics can prove quite tricky. Watch my tutorial video where I explain my top tips for achieving better results when working with stretch fabrics.

Stretch Fabrics

One of the trickiest steps of the Bespoke Blazer would have to be sewing the side seams with the burrito method. Watch this little tutorial to learn how easy this fun technique really is.

Burrito Method

Learn how to add a bow cuff detail to any pattern with this fun tutorial that I filmed for It's Sew Easy TV. This detail and pattern is from my Seoul Blossom Blouse pattern.

Bow Tie Cuff Tutorial
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