Frequently asked questions

How do I cancel my Sew To Grow Club membership?

Email and request for your membership to be cancelled. We are able to cancel your membership from the back end of the website so you are no longer charged. Once your email is received, please allow 48-72 for cancellation to go through. Once the cancellation takes place, you will be notified and you will not be charged for the next pay cycle if you are signed up for a month or yearly subscription.

What can I expect from the Sew To Grow Club?

Each month I will be adding new content into the Sew To Grow Club. This will include new Sew-Along videos, pattern hacks, and workbook printouts. The majority of the Sew To Grow Club content is exclusive to the club members and will not be found anywhere else. I will also pop into the Exclusive Facebook Club Group to answer questions and help build our sewing community. The Sew To Grow Club members also receive a discount on the entire website shop of 10% just for being a member. See "Freebies" tab or check your monthly newsletters for member discount code. (The discount only applies to online and will not be accepted at shows, classes, or events.)

Why do I have to create a membership first before signing up for a plan?

This is a little quirk with my website host and everyone must become a member of website before it allows you to sign up for a Sew To Grow Club plan. The bonus of being a website member is that you have access to your purchase history and will have access to the forum.

May I share/promote your videos or content?

The short answer is no. You are not allowed to download or share any videos nor are you allowed to share the printouts from the Workbook. I have worked extrememly hard to create a unique and special experience for club members only and hope that you will respect that. Sew To Grow reserves the right to remove any member for breaking these terms of sharing and downloading. Exception: Only Sew To Grow Club Shop Owner memberships have the right to share content from the club to their class, club members, and teachers ONLY. Any shop selling and promoting the club content without consent will be removed from the Club.

I have taken your Fit To Flatter Workshop...Is this for me too?

Yes! Most definitely!! I know so many of you have taken my classes and wanted access to all the tutorials and fitting tips that I taught you. It is so hard to remember everything isn't it? I had you all in mind whilst I was building this website, so that you had access to the tips and tricks I teach in class. Now you can use this club to refer back to the lessons we learnt in class. I will be adding lots more tutorials through the coming months, so if you don't see a tutorial you are interested in, please email me. It is most likely coming soon.

I am a Shop Owner, how do I benefit from the Sew To Grow Club?

Great Question! Shops, like yours, are the corner stone of the sewing industry. Without you, there would be no me! You provide the space, classes, and materials to keep our industry alive and I wanted to honor that and help you in any way I can. Covid-19 has really shown me how I can't be everywhere at once and sometimes the ability to travel and be there one-on-one is taken out of my control. I designed this club to help you run garment workshops for yourself. My goal is to help you grow a thriving garment sewing club for your shop and have women regularly come in to access more materials, patterns, and notions. With your membership:

  • You will have access to all the videos and workbook materials for your students.
  • You can print these out for them and show videos in class. Alternatively, you can help each of your students sign-up for a Sew To Grow Club membership and you will get a $10 rebate. This way they are able to print and have continued access to all the Sew to Grow content to have in class and you can use the extra cash to put towards student benefits/experiences for your club days.
  • I have also provided a teacher resource guide as a way to suggest class layouts and timings. I want you to be as hands on/off as you'd like to be and still make money.
  • There will be a resource guide included in the Shop Owner section, so you will know what products I promote and discuss in my tutorials and videos. This will help to create selling opportunities.
  • For each shop owner, I will help you create marketing materials for your shop to help launch your garment club. I have templates you can choose from and you will simply email me your shop name, address, phone number, dates, additional info and I will send you the PDF.
  • You will also receive an order discount for your product and tool purchases. I am in talks with distributors to see what other options we can provide.
  • Please feel free to email me with advise and feedback for what works for you. I know there isn't an easy, one-fits-all approach, but I hope that you find these materials and lessons easy to follow and understand.

What are the Terms and Conditions

  • The Sew To Grow Club is a membership based platform where you pay an annual or monthly payment via Paypal to Sew To Grow.
  • You have the right to cancel at anytime and for any reason. Simply email
  • Your membership will be cancelled within 48-72 hours of your email and not be billed for the next billing cycle.
  • There will not be a refund of any funds taken out already.
  • There are no refunds for mistakes in membership purchases. You can cancel, but a refund will not be provided.
  • Sew To Grow also retains the right to cancel your membership for failure to pay, rude, offensive, obstructive,or lude behaviour in the forums/Facebook Group.
  • Sew To Grow will give members prior notice before any changes are made and retains the right to change pricing and length of terms.
  • Sew To Grow retains the right to cancel membership of anyone caught violating the terms of sharing or downloading content without permission. Videos are strictly to be streamed and can not be shared with friends. No funds will be refunded if you are caught violating thsese terms.
  • You may not purchase content/membership for yourself to share with a group unless you have paid for the Sew To Grow Shop membership.
  • You may not share your discount code with anyone, or your membership will be cancelled and not refunded.
  • You may not pretend to be Sew To Grow or act on behalf of the Sew To Grow Brand.
  • All workbook materials are for personal use only and may not be shared with anyone else or on social media.
  • Anyone caught violating the terms my be subject to legal action.

Can I pay with something other than PayPal

Yes. It took a lot of research, but there is a way for me to invoice you separately and add you to the club. You will have to sign up for the year membership or Shop membership if you are a shop. You will also have to already be a member of the Sew To Grow Website so that your name is searchable. Simply email me your email that you used to sign up to the website and your preferred membership program and I will send you an invoice. Once paid you will be added to the club.

What happens when I suspend or cancel my membership? Do I still have access to the content?

The Sew to Grow Club is a membership program that allows you access to the content during your membership. However, if you choose to cancel or suspend your membership, you will no longer be able to log in to view the content. Think of it more like a gym membership. As long as you are a member you have access. It isn't like other platforms where you pay for individual classes and have access to just those classes you paid for. The content you can keep are the physical downloads such as the hacks, workbooks, and worksheets. Other content like sew-alongs and tutorials will remain in the club.