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Measuring and Sizing

Measuring properly and selecting the correct size is the beginning to making clothes that actually fit. We want you to have success when making out patterns so we've made a video and measuring chart for you to use next time you are working on a new project. 

Download your FREE Measuring Chart

Keep your measurements all in one place with our handy Measuring Chart.


Skill Level Breakdown


You will start noticing that our patterns have a star system. This is to help you understand the basic skill level needed to complete that garment.

Knows how to thread sewing machine and knows basic sewing terminology.

Has made a garment before and can hem curves and sew darts.

Needs to feel confident inserting sleeves, may need to insert a zipper and work with different fabrics like knit.

Have a solid understanding of construction, fit, and working with different fabrics.

Feels confident  working with all sewing techniques and substrates. Has a high level understanding of fit.

Size Chart

Here at Sew To Grow we strongly believe in making a YOU size. No one can see inside your garments to see what size you have made so it is important to trace the size (sizes) you measured rather than making the size you wear in ready-to-wear garments to ensure the best fit possible. We are transitioning from labeled sizing (XS-4XL) to numbered sizing. However, the measurements have not changed for each size.

Body Measurement-Chart.jpg
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