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Project Made: Kid Sewing Project for New Borns

"Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life, it's about what you inspire others to do."

Last year for my 27 Random Acts of Kindness I was joined by my good friend Claudia and her two daughters. It was so incredibly special to have them be a part of the day and help me complete my 27 acts. A year later, the girls started to ask me what I was going to do for my Birthday this time. I told them about Project Made, and you should have seen how excited they were. They were both so eager to help and couldn't wait to come up with their own project. Today's project is designed by Dias a 10 year old, who is a Star sewer!!! She designed this little lamb all on her own and had made it to give to one of our friend's new born baby. I am just so unbelievably proud of her!! She has such a big heart and loves to give to others!!

Below is the tutorial for Cuddly Lamb with a downloadable template. Please leave a comment to let Dias know what a great job she did!! This would be perfect for you and your kids to do together by machine or by hand. It's so much fun to teach children how to give.

Cuddly Lamb


- Pins

- Thread

- Paper Scissors & Fabric Scissors

- Main Fabric

- White and Black fabric or felt for Eyes

- Hand Sewing Needle or Sewing Machine

- Toy Stuffing

- Pipe Cleaners (optional)

- Print out Template (Click Here for Template)

*This project is suitable for children ages 6-12. Adult supervision may be required.

First, Start by cutting out your lamb template on the solid black line using paper scissors.

Next, place your template onto your main fabric. Pin and cut two lambs out of your fabric.

Once you have cut out 2 Lamb pieces from your main fabric, you will want to cut two circles for Eyes from white fabric or felt and two smaller circles for the inside of the eyes from black fabric or felt. Use the eyes on your template as a guide for cutting your cicles.

After the eyes are cut, place them on one of your little lambs cut out of fabric. Arrange them similar to how you see in the photo below. You may want to pin these in place until you get them sewn down.

Using black thread sew an X shape in the middle of each eye using either a sewing machine or a needle and thread. We choose to use black thread, but any color would do.

Creative Opportunity: Get creative and sew a star shape in the middle of the eyes with a bold color for a unique and fun look. If this toy is not for a baby, you could also sew on little buttons for eyes.

Complete the look by sewing an X shape for the nose. He is really starting to take shape now!

To sew your little lamb together, place the two Lamb's Wrong sides together (both pretty sides of the fabric facing out towards you) and pin together as you see below.

By hand or with a sewing machine, sew a blanket stitch around the entire lamb. Leave a small opening near the tummy to allow for putting in stuffing.

Once you have sewn all the way around your lamb, leaving a gap, start stuffing. We a scewer to help push the stuffing into the hard to reach corners. We also cut small pieces of pipe cleaner and placed them in the arms and stuffed around them as well. It makes this stuffed toy fun to pose and adds to the charm of his cuteness!!

Finish by sewing the whole closed and add a little bow to top it all off. How stinkin cute did this little guy turn out. Dias did such an incredible job!!

I truly hope that you enjoyed today's post and that it hopefully inspires you to do a fun Made Act of Kindness project with your children. How do you teach your children about giving?? Let us know and share your comments below.

Also, go have a look at this article:

They have great tips about starting your sewing journey at any age!


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