Project Made: Sassy Towel Wrap Tutorial (RAOK for Mom or Sister)

"The love of your family, is life's greatest blessing."

Today's Project Made post is inspired by my beautiful sister Shoshana Rae... I only met my sister five years ago after my best friend and I went on a google search to find out more about my family. Through the research we found out that I had a half sister living in Austria!! Talk about Crazy!!! I am so thankful every single day that we were brought together. Even though we were raised as only children on different continents, we have a connection that I believe only sisters could have. I made this hair wrap to send to her just to say I love you, and how much she means to me. Today, it seems, that we live further and further away from the ones we love. I thought this would be a great project that would be easy to mail and a great way to send love and happieness to those who are far away.

Here is what you will need:

  • Template: Download Here

  • Button

  • 1/4" Elastic (3" piece)

  • Ribbon (optional: Mine is an Amy Butler Renissance Ribbon)

  • Towel

You may also wish to use bias binding or your overlock/serger for the inside edges.

Start by printing out your template pieces and taping them together at the triangles to form a diamond. You will then have one large piece. Cut out the template on the black line for adult and dashed line for children's size.

Once you have cut out your template fold your towle in half length ways (hot dog style) matching the bottom edges. They are already hemmed so this is a huge bonus!!! Whoop Whoop!!!

Pin your template into place, as you can see in the picture below. Using your sharp fabric scissors, cut around the outside of the template. You should end up with two pieces and then remove the template piece and set aside.

I decided to add a little bit of ribbon to my towel wrap, so that it was a little bit more than just a towel wrap... You could also embroider the recipients name onto the towel, or add a fun flower applique'. Really, the only thing to consider is the person you are making this for. Just have fun with it!

To attach the ribbon, first cut two pieces to the appropriate length to go across the bottom of the towel. Next pin the ribbon into place and stitch across the top and bottom edges to secure using a matching color thread or clear thread. Remember to put the ribbon on the reverse side of the other towel piece. I accedently sewed the ribbon onto the same side of both towel pieces and trust me, it doesn't work. Oh, and don't sew your ribbon upside down either. I made that mistake too. LOL!!!

After your ribbon is attached, measure up about 1" from the bottom edge and place your folded 3" elastic on the marked line. Sew across the elastic, close to the edge, to secure.

Next, place both towel pieces right sides together. (ribbon should be on the inside facing eachother)

Pin and sew a 1/2" (10mm) seam allowance starting at the narrow end of the towel and finishing on the opposite end. Make sure to backstitch at the beginning and end to secure your stitches, and do not sew along the bottom straight edge that is already hemmed.

After you have sewn the two pieces together, you may wish to bind the raw edges of the towel with pre made bias tape, like you see below. Or simple zigzag, serge, or overlock the raw edges to prevent the towel from fraying. Trust me this is a very important step. This stuff gets EVERYWHERE!!

The final step is to pick your favorite button and sew it on about 1" up on the end opposite the elastic.

I think my sister is really going to love her new head towel wrap!! Look at all the hair she has... I think she may get a lot of use out of it! Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think about the towel wrap or about something that you like to send to your family that is far away.

It's amazing how certian people are brought into your life for a reason, and how they can enrich and fulfill parts of you that you didn't even know exsisted. LOVE YOU SIS!!!


Lindsey Rae

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