Tuesday Tips with Lindsey Rae!

Hi Ladies, today is all about Full Bust Adjustments (or FBA)!

None of us are a standard size. Every store you go in or pattern designer you use will have their own set of measurements making it super annoying and difficult to just pick a size and wear it. So when we create our own clothes its really no different. Nearly every woman out there will be a mish-mash of measurements and so we more often then not will need to grade a pattern so that you get that perfect fit. The best thing about this is with a little practice and patience if becomes super easy and second nature. Today I'm going to be helping you with one element of grading - a Full Bust Adjustment (FBA)

✂️ Simply click on the image or PDF to view a worksheet I have produced that will help you with EVERYTHING you need to know on how to complete a FBA and get your fitting spot on! This worksheet is also available in my tutorial section of the website.

FBA was something I thought important to share with you gals, but don't forget that if you w

rite in with a question and it's used for a Tuesday Tip post I will be sending you a code for a PDF pattern from my website! So get them coming in. Post below, DM me or email marketing@sewtogrow.com.au

Thanks ladies!

FBA-Write-Up-PDF (1)
Download PDF • 2.06MB

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