Grow your shop with the Sew to Grow Club!

I am so thrilled you and your amazing shop have decided to join the Sew to Grow club for Shop Owners. The way this site works is that you have access to all the same videos and resources that the regular members have, but you also have additional resources and tools to help you run your own garment workshops and club days or "Sew-cial" gatherings as I like to call it.

Bonus: For each member that signs up to the Sew to Grow Club through your shop, you will get $10 back as a rebate.

All I need is your PayPal email address and the amount will be deposited into your account. More details are below.

Start Here...

Start by downloading your Retailer Workbook. You will want to print this out and store it in a binder with 10 dividers for the different modules. I will be adding to this workbook for upcoming classes and Sew-Alongs that are created. This will be where you can come to download the additional resources as they are made availible.

Step 2: Student Workbook

The next step is to download and set up your student workbook. This way you know what materials and lessons are included in each module. Similar to the Retailer Workbook, this one will also be added to with each new Sew-Along. My hope is that each new class builds on skills learnt from previous lessons.

Retailer Workbook

Click below to download the first part of your workbook which includes detailed class layouts, product and kitting suggestions, and the Bondi Top teaching guide.

The next release will be for the Alston Jacket for end of  June 2020

Step 3: Sew-Along

Once you have the notebook, you will want to make sure you have access to and are familiar with my Sew-Along. We are starting with the Bondi Top and you will already have a lesson plan, if this is a class you choose to teach. You will get to see how I show and demonstrate different sections of the pattern, and I've also included fitting tutorial demonstrations.

Student Workbook

Click below to download the Student Workbook. You will want to have this on hand for handouts and resources that I refer to during the class lessons.

Bondi Top Sew-Along

Click the link below to have access to the Bondi Top Sew-Along

use password: bondi

My suggestion is to watch the videos before class and then teach using your lesson plan and the video as reference. You can choose to show them in class, but I would rather you be engaged with the students and use the "Sew-along" as a reference tool. 

Step 4: Marketing

As part of your membership I have pre-made marketing materials for you to use. Some of the materials have places for you to include your shop details. Simply email me with your details and the marketing forms you desire. I will update them for you and email a jpeg or PDF. The files are available below and more will be added here as time goes on.

Marketing Materials

In this .zip file are pre-made marketing materials that you can use as you please. If you need something specific or want to add your shop details, just let me know.


Just thought i'd put a little tip here. I used Canva to create the majority of the Workbook and marketing materials. It is a great website, easy to use, and I love the templates. It also saves the images and logos I like using and my color pallet so that I can simply drag and drop. If you aren't comfortable with Adobe Illustrator, this may be a good option for you to try.

Step 5: Rebate Program

I want to help you build your garment club and classes! I want to offer you a rebate program for encouraging your students to sign up to the Sew To Grow Club. I explain it in more details below. Don't hesitate to email me if you have have questions or concerns.

How It Works

When member's sign up to the Sew To Grow Club they have the ability to select where they are coming from and list your shop's name. Once they sign up, I will use your PayPal email address to send you a $10 rebate per sign-up at the end of each month. The more people you sign up, the more money you get back!

Why Is this Necessary?

Sew To Grow Club members have 24/7 access to all the videos, tutorials, and printouts that you will be talking about in class. So even if they miss a group "Sew-cial" or class you offer, they can still follow along and purchase the demonstrated products from you. You can choose not to promote the Club membership and simply use my videos and print outs as references for use in class or at a Club day. However, I hope to make the Club a win/win for both you and your students.

Ideas and Suggestions

Students may grumble at the idea of paying for class and paying for the online Club. I suggest making it optional, or using the $10 rebate as an incentive for them to use in your store once they sign up. Perhaps it can be a percentage off their first club purchase or the first "Sew-cial" meet up free. You decide how to structure it. I would try to frame the Club as an added benefit and help them sign up at their first workshop. 

Step 6: Order Products

I am working with and talking to my distributors to see what we can offer you in ways of bundling and perhaps offering a great price on products for class and your club. I will update you as I learn more. In your "Retailer Workbook", I list my global distributors that I highly recommend you work with and order from especially during this pandemic. However, If you don't currently work with a distributor listed, I have included my US and AUS order forms below.

Orders over $200 will receive a 10% discount.

Order Forms

Download, fill out, and email your order form back to admin@sewtogrow.com.au

Sew To Grow Merchandise

I am also working on creating (Club Member Only) merchandise. I currently have tote bags, but will be looking to add mugs, sew-in labels, prints, and other branded items for you to give out/sell to your club members. I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on what sort of merchandise you'd like.

Step 7: Forum and Stay connected

Inside the Sew To Grow club you will have access to the Retailer Forum. Here you can ask me questions regarding patterns, fit, alterations and more. You may also want to connect with other retailers around the globe to find out what's working for them and how they are finding success promoting their workshop. 

Step 8: FAQs and Contact Us

I want you to have the best experience using this club to grow your business. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this club, how things work, getting products, stuff you'd like to see and more. 

Let's Talk Shop

Head on over to the Forum where I have created a private group for Shop Owner's only. Here you can discuss ideas, ask questions, and connect to a network of entrepreneurs around the world.

Have a Question?

I am always happy to help! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding your classes, membership, or just want to share an awesome idea!

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