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27 Random Acts Of Kindness

This post isn't particularly sewing related, but I felt that many of you may be interested in something that is close to my heart, and was one of the most incredible days in my whole life!!!

Last Year was my 27th Birthday on May 27th. To be honest, I had been dreaming of this birthday since I was a little girl and truly believed that by age 27 I would have this whole "life" thing figured out. Well, I definitely don't have it all figured out, but I still knew this particular birthday would be really special and I wanted to give back to the community that has given me so much since moving to Australia.

This is where the idea for 27 Random Acts Of Kindness came from. I enlisted a few of my close friends to help me with the planning and organizing of the day. Let me just say, 27 things in one day takes quite a bit of prep work. However, it was the BEST DAY EVER!!! Just to be able to give love to people who didn't feel like they deserved it and see there faces was absolutley amazing!

"No One Ever Went Broke from giving"

So to hopefully inspire and encourage others to do at least one Random Act Of Kindness, I wanted to list for you here all the different things I did in the one day. It actually ended up effecting more than 100 people on the day.

27 Random Acts Of Kindness Facebook Page:

1. Hand out water to runners/walkers at the Beach

2. Bought someone random a coffee

3. Left TimTams outside shop owners doors for them to have for morning tea when they got to work. Also with a note to thank them for all they do as a small business owner.

4. Left money at car wash.

5. Gave morning tea to construction workers.

6. Paid for Someone's prescription

7. Made a special gift for the owner of the bakery that I visit regularly and gave her flowers to thank her for all that she does in our community.

8. Surprised my hair stylist and some of her staff with gifts and flowers.

9. Gave morning tea to two crossing gaurds at the schools

10. Paid for someone's parking at the Hospital.

11. Gave Morning Tea to the ladies that volunteer in the gift shop at the Hospital.

12. Handed out flowers to moms at school drop-off

.13. Gave toy's to my father-in-law's dog Devil

14. Hosted a Free Sewing Lesson.

15. Paid for two teenager's Lunch

16. Donated to an animal Shelter

17. Brought lunch to my husband's work for everyone.

18. Handed Out Balloons to random children leaving from school

19. Paid for someone's groceryies

20. Put away shopping carts

21. Left Random Inspirational Sayings on Cars

22. Donated Clothes to Charity

23. Gave a handmade gift to the florist and to the friends that helped me with the day. Also, to the little girls that helped me as well.

24. Mailed letters to people who were sick, or to let them know I was thinking of them.

25. Baked Cookies for Neighbours

26. Dropped off Coloring books and Crayons to the dentist office.

Hosted a BBQ for everyone27.

So there you go... Do you feel inspired yet??? I surely hope that you do. I can't even begin to describe how giving love and happieness all day long made me feel. It was emotional, it was rewarding, and was the BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER!!!

I also, thought I would use this blog post as a brief introduction for this year's birthday plans. I really hadn't planned on doing much this year for Random Acts Of Kindness, but I kept having this feeling inside saying "You've got to think of something Lindsey!" So I thought and I thought all year and nothing came to me, until the other day when I was sweeping the kitchen floor. That is where Project Made 28 came to my mind.

Will be a blog series starting on May 27th. I will post tutorials, inspiration and ideas of how you can donate or give these items as a Made Act of Kindness. It is so meaningfull to give someone a gift, but to give a handmade gift is even more special. Whether your talent is cooking, crochet, flower arrangements, card making or sewing. There will be ideas for everyone!

I would love to build a community of other makers that would like to join me.

Here was my thinking behind all this: I am one person, and I can make quite a number of items and give them away to affect a small number of people, but together we could all have such a HUGE impact on the communities around us if we each made one thing.

I know many of you probably already make items for charity already. I would love to hear your story and be able to share your passion with others because that is what its all about. Sharing, inspiring and making a difference in the world around us.

Let me know your thoughts and if you would like to be a part of Project Made


Lindsey Rae

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