I absolutely LOVE giving the gift of sewing by teaching others new skills and building confidence. Sewing is not what it use to be, and it can be so rewarding to create something unique and individual to your style. My Sew to Grow patterns are designed to teach and grow your skills through easy to follow and understand instructions. You can download printable PDFs, purchase a pattern from one of our local stockist, follow our video tutorials, or take a class. 

About Me...

My name is Lindsey Rae and I grew up in a small country town in East Texas. I fell in love with a sweet talking 'Aussie Bloke' and have migrated to the great and wonderful Land of Oz and I AM LOVING IT!!! All my life I have been surround by creativity, sewing, and inspirational women that have lead me down this path to create Sew to Grow.


It all started when I was 16, taught myself to sew, and started my own purse business (Sassy Bags). 


I then attended the University of North Carolina Wilmington and earned a degree in Business Marketing. During those college years I worked and taught at a local quilt/sewing shop and was promoted to manager. What a dream job!!! I was surrounded by fabric and like minded people everyday and was able to implement everything I learned at school directly into growing the shop. (Check out Fran's Sewing Circle)


​When my husband and I decided to move to Australia in 2011, I was determined that I had to follow my passion and work in the sewing industry. Not just any job would do!!! I was quickly hired as a Sales Manager by Blessington, a sewing machine distribution company for Singer, Pfaff, Husqvarna, Handi Quilter, and Accuquilt. I was given the opportunity to travel all over Australia, meet wonderful people and see how each shop operates differently. (And learn to drive on the other side of the road!)


With all of those wonderful experiences, I thought to myself, how could I grow the industry that I love, teach the world to sew, and follow my passion every day of my life??? Thus Sew to Grow was born!!!!