Project Made: Dolls for Children's Hospital

"Giving isn't just about making a donation, it's about making a difference."

I would like to introduce you all to Kelly from So Much to Make. I met Kelly only recently, but when I told her about Project Made she was so eager and excited to share this project and has written an entire blog post about making these cloth dolls for the children's hospital.

"These dolls are used by medical professionals as a communication tool for explaining procedures to a child or diagnosing a child's discomfort. The child is then given the doll, and often a little hospital gown for the doll, as their own to hold and keep." Together with her church group they made 288 of these dolls for the children!!! Isn't that absolutely incredible.

This would be a great idea for you and a group of your friends to do something together that could have a huge impact on a child's life. In those moments when they are scared, your doll would provide them comfort and security. AMAZING!!!

Click Here to See Kelly's full post and learn more about these Cloth Dolls!!


Lindsey Rae

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