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Project Made: Pretty Pot Plant

"She who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and she who plants kindness gathers love."

Today's Project Made has a little to do with one of my all time favorite plants... SUCCULENTS!! Ok, so I am absolutely obsessed with succulents. It's actually a running joke around my house that my husband thinks I buy so many, just because I like to say the word succulent. It may be true, but the real reason I love those sweet little plants is that they are so darn hard to kill and they just go with the flow. Water, no water, they are totally like "what evs".

Anyways, thats not exactly what we are here for today. For this project, I decided to decorate a clay pot to give away with succulents cut from my garden. I personally think giving flowers can brighten anyone's day, but instead of giving fresh cut flowers, why not give something that will live on for seasons to come and remind the person of the friendship and love that you share.

Here's all you need:



Painters Tape

Exacto Knife

Gold Spray Paint

Plus: a few succulents purchased from the markets, garden center, or cut from you garden.

Start by painting the entire pot in you chosen color. I used Folk Art Shiny paint in Sugar Plum.

Let Dry completely.

Use painter's tape to cover the bottom of the pot completely, as shown.

Then I used a ruler and sharpie to mark my design onto the tape. Once I was happy with my design, I used an exacto knife (box cutter) to cut directly on the lines i just marked and then removed the tape. The excess tape I had from cutting the triangles I just placed around the top for extra protection from the spray paint.

Spray paint gold a few times and let dry completely. Once dry carefully remove the tape.

This is what it should look like once the tape is removed.

Once you are happy with your pot, go ahead and plant a mix of your favorite succulents together. I used a few pebbles to give it some character and picked plants with differnt colors and shapes to add variety. If you know anything about these sorts of plants, you would know that they grow and multiply fairly quickly. Its pretty safe to say, that even if the recipient of your gift doesn't have a green thumb, they should still be able to keep these little cuties alive for quite some time.

Well, I hope you really enjoyed today's Project Made post!!! I know I sure did!!! I would love to know what your favorite plant is and if you prefer fresh flowers or planted flowers? Have you given someone flowers when they needed a little pick me up, or weren't even expecting it? Last year, for my 27 RAOK I gave out a dozen flowers to unsuspecting people around the community. I can not even begin to tell you how amazing it was to hand someone a flower and wish them a happy day and see the smile on there face. So whether you are giving a potted plant or a dozen daisies, presenting someone with beautiful flowers is sure to put a smile on their dial. :)


Lindsey Rae

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