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Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Before I got married to my now husband Bryce, I told him I will marry him on one condition... "I get a sewing room, and we can have Amy Butler Cushions on our bed." He felt like that was a good bargain and so do I. :)

My sewing studio is such a very special place to me. It is where new ideas are sewn into reality, Skype sessions from around the world are held, and my little business is able to grow and flourish. We recently moved to the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia and moved into a really lovely townhouse overlooking bushland. I don't think there is really a part of the Sunshine Coast that isn't beautiful, but I believe we've landed ourselves in a pretty spectacular spot as you can see.

The comment I got the most after posting this photo on instagram was, "WOW you are so organised". Even though this is really tidy for the sake of "social" media, I do tend to always have my studio clean before I start a new project. I can't seem to work in clutter. I know some people work best in mess, and others love a clean slate to start fresh. I am most definitely the latter of the two.

In this picture you will also notice my Horn gas lift chair. I purchased this chair so that I could be at the right height for when I am sewing. I am quite tall so most of the time when I am sewing I find that my legs don't fit under the table or I am too high and having to hunch over my sewing machine. This chair has lumbar support, a separate storage compartment and the ability to move up or down so that you are at the right height. Oh, and the fabric is really cool too.

This is my computer work area, where I process orders, design patterns and make lots and lots of lists. As you can tell I am a Mac girl. I have a iPhone, iPad Mac Book and the Mac Daddy. I made this decision simply on the fact that I wanted to do graphic design and photography and needed true color resolution and a quick processor. I can't say that owning a Mac has always been a walk in the park, but they have gotten the job done.

This is my cutting and filming area. I own a Horn cutting table that I love, love, love. The floor/dining room table just wasn't cutting it anymore. I love my cutting table because it is the right height, has lots of storage and easily folds down and can be moved around. I also am able to layout an entire dress when the table is all the way out.

My stash is pretty woeful. I try to only buy what I need for a certain project. I also like to work in current ranges so that when I take a photo it is usually in fabric that is new, relevant, and on trend. I have my favourites that I have never found a project worthy of, so I hang onto and covet them. :) I wonder if other fabric lovers do the same. I also like to fold and organise my fabrics. It make me feel really happy to see all the colors and discover pieces I forgot I had. My first favourite designer and reason I go into sewing was because of Amy Butler. You may be able to spot a few of her pieces in this photo. I am now really loving Cotton and Steel (especially Les Fluers by Rifle Paper Co.) Leah Duncan for Cloud 9 Fabrics and anything Art Gallery. I get a lot of my fabrics from Hawthorne Threads and Girl Charlee in the states, but I also love Australian Shops like Ministry of Fabric, Brave Fabrics, Indie Stitches and My Patch Fabrics.

Now for the best part... The machines that make it all possible... I have two Husqvarna Viking machines that are my dream sewing machines. An Opal 670 sewing machine and a 200s overlocker. They never let me down and can pump through anything I throw at them. I have worked with Husqvarna machines since I was 19 years old when I started working at Fran's Sewing Circle in Wilmington North Carolina. I went to Husqvarna conferences and sold these machines for nearly 7 years. When I moved to Australia I was the state manager for Husqvarna and Pfaff. I have worked with Brother machines as well as Bernina and I find that all machines have their wonderful features for specific things and everyone has their personal preference. For my needs, these two machines meet the challenge and excel. I am currently working on a video about my top tips for purchasing a new machine. Keep a look out, because you won't want to miss it!

Here are the things I love:

Opal 670-

Strong motor that can easily sew through leather and super thicknesses when making bags.

Sewing advisor that tells me the best stitch, foot and needle for the type of fabric Im sewing on.

Bright LED lights making it easier to see, especially late night sewing.

Extra wide throat space (C-section) so that I can manoeuvre large items through the machine.

Touch screen and LOTS of stitches. If I need a particular stitch, my machine has it.

Needle threader and thread cutter.

And my favourite... All the Accessory Feet! Like my Invisible Zipper Foot, Piping Foot, Left Edge Topstitch Foot and so many more.

H-CLass 200s-

Super Basic 4 thread overlocker that is the easiest to thread and Ive threaded A LOT of overlockers (sergers)

Completely opens up so that you can easily get to the lower looper hook and clean your machine.

Does a perfect stitch overtime and is really simple to adjust.

Converts from regular 4 thread overlock to rolled hem super quick.

Love that its labeled and color coded and has holders for all my tools and a thread catch tray.

So I guess you can see why I love them so so so much!

And thats about it. Just a little sneak peak into my sewing world and the little things that make Sew TO Grow possible. I really hope you enjoyed today's blog post. Please feel free to comment or email me if you have any questions. Id also love to know what your favourite pieces are in your sewing room, what does your stash look like, and are you in love with your machine?

Happy Sewing,

Lindsey Rae

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