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Tuesday Tips with Lindsey Rae!

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

This week @bettymakesbags asked me about threads, particularly those to use in your serger/overlocker. Well here's what I have to say on the subject....

Most of you know how much I rave on about the importance of using good quality thread in your sewing machine. The same applies to your overlocker if you want your garments and machine to last. You want an all purpose polyester thread that is strong, doesn't create a lot of lint build up, and is flexible enough for what you are sewing (doesn't snap).

I tend to use mainly Maxi Lock, and I have also used Madeira which I can highly recommend.

I typically only use white, black and grey. I rarely would switch out for a matching color unless it was for a rolled hem that was going to show. I'm not lazy, just practical. LOL!

Extra tip: If you run out of a large spool of overlocker thread you can move the remaining large spools over to the looper and put a normal spool of thread on the needle. The loopers are what chew through the most thread. So in a pinch use just a normal spool you have on hand in the color you need. Also if you have a special project that requires a specific color, buy two large spools for the looper and two regular sizes for the needles to save you a bit of money.

Do you have a sewing question you need answering? Ask me below or send an email to and if it's featured on a future Tip Tuesday post then I will send you a FREE PDF pattern of choice!

Happy Sewing,

Lindsey x


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