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What sewing machine feet should I buy?

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

I got a great question from @leannetracey89 all about sewing feet.

What do you REALLY need?

Every machine comes with some basics, but there are a couple of extras that I highly recommend getting...

Starting from Left to Right...

1. Edge Stitching Foot - Most used foot and it allows me to line up the edge of my hem or where I want to top stitch, move my needle into position, and then sew perfectly strategy every time because I have the guide following along an edge of what I am trying to sew close to.

2. Gathering foot- Love this foot for sewing gathers for dresses and other garments. Set your tension as high as it will go, put on a long stitch length and get perfect and even gathers.

3. Invisible zipper - I absolutely can not insert an invisible zipper without this foot. It peels back the zipper coil and sews right next to the coil so that the zipper is completely invisible.

4. Teflon (non-stick) glide foot: This one isn't a must, but I do use it a lot for sewing on plastic, leather, or waxed canvas. It's great for slick fabrics.

5. Finally, is my Walking foot. I use this when I sew with knit fabrics, anything thick or really slippery. I love that having the even feed from top and bottom ensures that fabric wont shift and everything will stay nice and even.

I hope this helps Leanne! If you have any sewing questions let me know, and if featured on a Tuesday Tip post I'll send you a FREE PDF of choice too!


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