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A Great Technique For Finishing Your Garment

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With the release of some of my newest sewing patterns such as the Flatter Me Frock and The Sweet Summer Time Peplum/Dress, I thought I would make a video dedicated to my favorite technique for finishing off a garment. Its so super simple, yet effective.

To Begin, all you need are a few basic supplies:



Water Soluble Marking Pen

and 1 1/2"-1 3/4" Single Fold Pre-Made Bias Tape.

Alternatively you can make your own bias and follow my previous video Tutorial on How To Make Bias Binding.

Also, I was so excited to make this new video with my brand new camera. The Canon 600D that has video capabilities. I also had new lighting and a Sigma Lens. Hopefully you will all notice a big difference in the quality. Personally, I think it is wonderful when you set yourself out to learn something you never thought would be possible. Then you begin to discover an entire world of video "vloggers". Is this the way blogging will start to go???

Its such an exciting world of new things, and new possibilities!!! Have you learned anything new this year? I would love to hear all about your new adventures!!

All The Best and Happy Sewing

Lindsey Rae

Hey y'all!

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