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Project Made Turn Coloring Book Pages into Watercolor Works of Art.

" If you can be anything, Be Kind."

Currently, Adult coloring book pages are all the rage! They are all over pinterest and instagram, and I even Tula Pink has just released her own coloring book. I always find coloring, painting and doodling to be so relaxing and I thought this could be a great Idea to give to someone as a Random Act of Kindness.

There are times in our lives when we can be feeling a little low, and sometimes it's just that little reminder that there is a person out there that is thinking about you and loves you that can make all the difference. With this watercolor I plan to frame it and give it to a friend to hang on their wall as a rememinder that everytime they see the picture that I love them very much!

I choose to paint the picture with watercolors instead of coloring it in. I'm a little obsessed with watercolors at the moment and wanted to give it a go. So I found a free printable and printed it on some watercolor paper. I played around with mixing colors to get different effects and then splashed gold polka dots around the background for some pizazz!!! (Gotta love the bling)

The more I looked on and Mrs. pinterest the more awesome free downloads I found. Here are a few that I think would really lend themselves to watercolor or coloring and look great framed.

And if painting/coloring isn't your thing you can simply download, print and frame. How easy is that!!!

The website that I found the most ideas and inspirations from was By Dawn Nicole She had so many fun projects, coloring book pages, and even a book on etsy that you could purchase for only $10 with all the pages you see below. Imagine coloring these in and giving them out to people you know. It would really brighten their day. I also thought this would be a great project for kids especially with watercolors. I know that when I was in hospital, the thing that meant the most to me was the little "get well soon" picture from my Nephew. I looked at it over and over again, and thought about how I needed to get better so I could go see him.

Be the change you would like to see in the world. Make a difference in someone elses life and reach out and let them know you are right there with them. This project may be little and simple, but could make a huge difference in someone's life right now.


Lindsey Rae

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