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Project Made: Community Sewing Day

"To make a difference in someone's life you don't have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect. You just have to care enough and be there."

For today's Project Made 28 I wanted to share a wonderful event that I was so lucky to be apart of. I was invited to teach one of my projects at the Community Sewing Day on the Central Coast that raised money for Parkinson's Disease. It was such a well run and organized event for such a great cause. The home cooked food was incredible, and the school hall was the perfect size to accomodate 80 creative women without feeling cramped or crowded. To raise extra funds for the charity there was also a raffle, gift shop, and food that was sold. Fun was definitely had by all, and a large amount of money was raised on the day for Parkinson's Disease!

I wanted to feature this event on Project Made to show the power of community, and of the amazing things that can be accomplished together. As one person we can achieve great things, but together we can change the world. You may love to sew and make beautiful things and have a group of friends that like to do the same. If planning and organizing events is one of your super powers, then perhaps holding a sew-a-thon, or sewing day would be a great way to give back. (and get some sewing done as well)

Below, are a few pictures from the event, and of what my ladies accomplished in the one day. I had such an incredible group of women in my class, and we had so much fun!!! Every single time I am given the opportunity to teach others, I feel like I am fullfilling my purpose in life. I love what I do, and am very blessed to be in a position to share that with others.

Woo-hoo, they graduated the ruffle class!!! LOL!

Im so proud of everyone's achievment for the day!!

Have you ever organized an event for charity? What was it for, and how did the day go? I would love to know what other women are doing to give back within their communities. Please feel free to comment or share if you are inspired by todays Project Made post.

I also want to take a second to thank Lyn for organizing the event and inviting me to teach. I also wanted to thank Jodi and Jackie for all the hard work and volunteering they put into the day as well. Plus all the other volunteers and people behind the scenes. You all truly inspire me, and I am very grateful to have been apart of this event!


Lindsey Rae

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