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Project Made: How to sew a Laminate Make-Up Bag for RAOK

"Make a difference in someone's life...

Not soon, not tomorrow, Now!"

Last year when I did all 27 Random Acts of Kindness in one day, I thought... What can I make that is quick and simple that I could give to the people who make life extra special as gifts. You kid's teacher, your next door neighbor, the lady that makes your coffee every morning or cuts your hair. Each one of these women make such a massive differnence in our everyday lives and its so important to recognize them and to let them know what they mean to you.

This is when I came up with the laminate make-up bag. You could have quite a few whipped up in no time and its sooo much fun to make!!

I have also included a few links to tutorials on extra little goodies you could make to fill your make-up bag with.

Here is the tutorial for the Laminate Make-Up Bag Pattern: click here

This is Karen from Loxx Salon where I have my hair clipped, styled, and groomed. I gave Karen one of the laminate bags to thank her for all that she does. Not only does she make me feel beautiful and fabulous, she also has some great business advice. She actually came up with my business name Sew To Grow. She is such an amazing and inspirational women!

If you would like to make your gift extra special, then you may want to add some home made lip gloss and a lavender eye pillow!!!

I found this fantastic tutorial for Natural Lip Gloss on She Uncovered.

I then set out to look for a lavender eye pillow tutorial. I love to make these because they are a great way to use up all those yummy scraps!!

Check Out Button Bird Designs for this tutorial using a little bit of minky for an extra soft touch!!

There are so many options and different ways to recognize the people around you and why they make the world a better place. Comment below and let us know what you have made or done for someone in your community who makes a big impact on your everyday life.


Lindsey Rae

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