Project Made: Waterlouge App Gift (+ an AWESOME GIVEAWAY)

Today, I would like to introduce you all to my good friend Kim of Daisy Faye Designs. Kim and I have been friends for quite a number of years. We originally met at the sewing shop I use to work at in Wilmington NC and we shared so much in common: Texans with Marketing Degrees that loved sewing and fashion. Really, do you need much else??? After I moved to Australia, we kept in touch via Skype and I still run all my big ideas by her first before doing anything crazy. I adore Kim's style and everything she does, and am so excited to have her as part of Project Made.

Kim has put together an incredible tutorial using just an app on your phone, and she gives you all sorts of ideas on how to gift it as a RAOK (Random Act Of Kindness). I told you she was AWESOME!!!

Check out the full tutorial and more: Click Here

This is one of my favorites!!!

Kim also has a very exciting giveaway, in the spirit of Project Made! OMG I love Pineapples!!! (Click Here to Read More)

Please be sure to comment and let Kim know how much you love her clever idea and who you would like to give this to as a RAOK! The more we share our ideas the more we can inspire others.


Lindsey Rae​​

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