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Ok, I am seriously pulling out all the stops for this new pattern... because that is just how excited I am about it. Simple, effortless, and elegant!!! All the makings of a perfect, year round, dress that you can whip up in a matter of hours. No fussy zippers, buttons, or plackets... just straight simple sewing to achieve a flattering fit!! Thats all we ever really want, isn't it...

So, I was originally inspired to design this dress when I travelled to Noosa (in Queensland Australia) earlier in the year for a sewing conference. You never know when the inspiration will hit, so you always need to be on the look out. What I noticed was the women walking straight off the beach into the beautiful shops and cafes that lined the streets and easily transitioned from beach to chic with a simple throw over dress in a beautiful statement fabric. After leaving our little piece of paradise, I knew I wanted to create a look that was cool and casual, but was easily dressed up with a dash of accessories. I also thought about what shape would be figure flattering to a large range of different sizes and ages. The minute I got home I started making samples and working on the dress. Some turned out as duds, but I eventually came up with a design I am super happy with and am so excited and thrilled to share with you! I think this dress would obviously be fantastic for those dog days of summer, when all you want is to stay cool (and look cool too!!) but could also look great in winter with a cardigan, tights, and boots.

Here are a few different versions in different fabrics submitted by my ultra talented testers. I truly could not do what I do with out their incredible input.

Here is the Sizing Chart:

So what do you think? How would you wear and style your Noosa Shift for summer or winter?

What about if I gave you 25% off the Noosa Shift PDF???

I truley hope you love this dress as much as I do, and I cant wait to start seeing your creations.


Lindsey Rae

Hey y'all!

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