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Full Bust Adjustment

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

As we all know... there is not a standard, one size fits ALL approach when making sewing patterns. I do my best to accomodate for all our lushious lady curves, but standard patterns are just that...Standard. This is why I would like to educate, and help you all to achieve a better fit when making your garments, whether its mine or someone elses. I want to help save you time, fabric and your sanity!!!

So today, we are going to learn how to do a Full Bust Adjustment. I promise, its not as scary as it sounds. Do you ever find that when you make a pattern based on your bust measurments that it always ends up too big in the neck, falling off your shoulders, and the waist is NO WHERE NEAR your actual waist line??? This may mean that you need a Full Bust Adjustment (FBA).

My patterns are all drafted for a C cup and most other Indie patterns and Big pattern companies draft for a C or B cup. This translates to: If your special lady lumps are much bigger than a C cup, you may find a better fit with doing a FBA.

Print out your copy here: Full Bust Adjustment

I really hope this tutorial will help your frocks to flatter and tops to look terrific! Try out this method on the Flatter Me Frock or on the Sweet Summertime Dress. Both have darts and would suit this technique perfectly.

Happy Sewing and All the Best,

Lindsey Rae

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