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DIY Adjustable Straps

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

It's typically the little things that can take something great and turn it into something AMAZING! I recently released the new Jet Set Jumpsuit and Wide Leg Pants pattern, and while it is not necessary to have adjustable straps when making your new jumpsuit it sure does take it to a whole new level of WOW!

This little tutorial is great for not only my patterns but for any spaghetti strap pattern that you would like to have the option of adjusting.

After your beautiful little rings arrive, it is time to cut your straps. I cut two strips at 1 1/2" (4cm) wide by 20" (51 cm) long. Tip: I prefer to use my rotary cutter and mat for this part to ensure I get a nice and straight line.

Next, turn on your iron and get ready to press. First press your strip in half, length ways, to find the middle. Unfold and fold raw edges in towards middle, as shown. Finally fold the whole thing in half again. Pin and sew close along the long folded edges to create your strap. Repeat for remaining strap.

Once your two straps are sewn. Cut off a small 2" (5cm) from each strap. This little piece is going to be what attaches the ring to the back of your garment.

Slide the O ring onto your 2" cut off piece of strap and fold the piece in half. Insert the folded piece into the seam allowance of your garment at the back where you would like your strap placement and stitch into place.

*If you are making the Jet Set Jumpsuit, this would be inserted into back strap gaps and sewn in step 8 and 9.

After the ring is sewn into place grab your long strip and your adjustable slides. Thread the end of your strip through the top of the slide and back out the bottom, leaving a 1-2" (4-5cm) tail. Next, fold it in half around the centre bar. Finally, fold under the raw edge approximately 1/4" (6mm) and stitch a box to secure in place as shown.

Now comes the tricky little bit.... First, take your long strap piece. Thread the end that is NOT attached to the adjustable slide, through the O ring from the back to the front. Next, take that same end that was threaded through the O ring and go in the top and out the bottom of the adjustable slider, as shown.

Phew... Hopefully yours looks like mine below. If you have trouble, refer to one of your own spaghetti strap tops or bra straps. That what I used when I was first teaching my self how to do this.

After all that is attached, all thats left to do is sew the straps raw edge into the frown seam of your garment.

Tip: This is Step 5 in the Jet Set Jumpsuit.

Pictured below is the Jet Set Jumpsuit Pattern. Click on the picture to view the pattern.

Jet Set Jumpsuit

Join us for the next blog post where I will be showing you how I combined (pattern hacked) the Jet Set Jumpsuit top with the Emerson Wrap skirt to create a flowing beach dress.

Happy Sewing,

Lindsey Rae

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