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Bondi Top Sew-along

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

It's my best selling pattern ever and the focus for this months #bonditopchallenge! The Bondi Top is a fantastic wardrobe

staple and great for beginner and experienced sewists alike! Whether you want to make the pattern as is, use the extension pack for more options or use your imagination to hack, this pattern is just so versatile!

Today I am sharing the Bondi Top Sew Along Videos with you to help you get started. Join me as I walk you through every step of the process from gathering your supplies, to topstitching your bias. It's a great way to learn all my tips and tricks, plus we get to feel like we are making and sewing together! How fun is that!

Here are the topics we cover so you can skip to the section you need:

Gathering Supplies

First, we are going to start with gathering the supplies that you will need to make your Bondi Top. If you don't have a certain supply I always suggest waiting until you get to that spot in the video, seeing what it's used for, and then deciding if that's something that will help make your sewing easier or better. We carry many of the tools and supplies suggested in our SHOP under tools.

Measuring Yourself

Next, we are going to take a look at measuring yourself. It's really crucial to get as close to your actual measurements as possible. Make sure you're wearing the proper clothes and well fitting bra before you begin. Write down your measurements and you can use our handy little chart that I have attached below.

DiagramForBondiTopVideo (dragged)
Download PDF • 272KB

Choosing Your Size

After you are all measured, now it is time to choose your size and figure out how to blend between different sizes. Like I always say, we are typically a tic-tac-toe of sizes. So rather than picking just one size and tracing that, try tracing the size that you are in that particular area.

Tracing and Grading

Once you've selected your sizes, now you can mark and trace your design. This video will show you how to pin on the interfacing and use a french curve to mark and grade between sizes to trace off your design.

Making a Mock-up

This is probably one of the most important steps of the entire process of making a garment for the first time. You really should work with cheaper fabric and make a quick test garment to see if the garment actually fits properly. This way you can make any alterations you might need and ensure you get the fit you love.

Pattern Alterations

The next three videos are for Pattern Alterations. Shorten/Lengthen, Raise/Lower Neckline, and Gapping Neck Adjustment.

Selecting Fabrics & Cutting Fabric

Always my favorite part of making a new garment is getting to select the fabrics. There are many types of fabrics that will work for this particular pattern. From a floaty rayon to a structured cotton woven. However, if you are quite new to sewing, I would suggest a good quality structured fabric like medium weight cotton to start with. That way you are able to focus on learning to sew and not also struggling with difficult or slippery fabric.

Step By Step Instructions

Soooo much prep work to finally get to sewing the Bondi Top! However, I promise that getting the starting part right really sets you up for success.

Making and Attaching Bias

This is your final step and the one where you need to be calm, focused and not in a rush. It is the final little detail that finishes off the garment and one that can take some practice. So be patient with yourself, go slow and you will love how fabulous your finished garment turns out!

Final Thoughts

WOO HOO! You finished your Bondi Top! I really hope you enjoyed having the Sew-along to help guide you along the way. I always like to remind my students that if this is your first attempt at sewing clothing you should just be so super proud that you completed it. The first time we ever learn a new skill we aren't perfect. So please don't hold yourself to those standards. Like with everything, it takes practice to get really really good. However, starting out with a good foundation of skills really can make all the difference.

I hope you've found this really useful, let me know below.


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