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How to get correct strap placement

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Tuesday Tips with Lindsey Rae!

This one is from @9crafty11 who asked "How do you prevent straps from slipping off shoulders...I think it's more than shortening straps, but more about placement...". Girl, I am here to help!

✂️First of all it sounds like you have what is called Sloped Shoulders. So you may find that your bra strap falls off frequently or fitted tops don't quite sit right on your shoulders. If you are making a garment for yourself that has a full shoulder, I would google "Sloped Shoulder Adjustment". @mellysews has an amazing tutorial.

✂️If you are making something that has straps included in the pattern, I would suggest trying to criss-cross them in the back rather than having them just go over each shoulder. You may need slightly more length in the strap than the pattern calls for, but you can baste each strap in, test the fit, and then secure once you are happy.

✂️ Look for garments with high necklines. Perhaps something like the #sycamorelanedress would be a great option for something with straps that wont fall off.

Thanks Julia for asking, and as a little thank you you've got yourself a free PDF pattern!

If you have any sewing questions you need answering let me know below 👇 and maybe it will feature on next weeks post 🤔

📸 Judy is wearing a Sycamore Lane Dress in @mindthemaker fabric from @maaidesign


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