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Kaia Coatigan Sew Along

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

With the release of our newest pattern, The Kaia Coatigan, we wanted to put together a sew-along for you to help walk

you through the steps of creating your very own Coatigan. This pattern is the perfect blend of polished style and ultimate comfort!

We start with selecting your fabrics and notions and then move on to selecting your size, tracing, and cutting the fabric in part 2. Part 3 is all about sewing up your garment and part 4 we finish the garment by adding pockets and buttons (it's the finishing touches that really elevate this design!).

I take a deep dive into how I get the best, most professional results and share a lot of my sewing tips and tricks with you. Below I have attached the videos along with a few resources and comments for each section.


Part 1 Fabrics and Notions

In this video we first take a look at fabrics that will work for this particular pattern.

All of the fabrics suggested can be found at Maai Design

  • Medium weight jersey fabric (Mine is Art Gallery Knit Fabric)

  • Rust Textured Knit

  • Ponte De Roma (Double Knit)

  • Brushed Cotton

  • Boiled Wool

Below are a few of the Notions I suggested for this project:

  • Walking Foot

  • Stretch Needles

  • Flat Head Pins

  • Chalk marking utensil

  • Matching Thread (I Love Rasant)

  • Two Buttons 1" (2.5cm) I also used two smaller buttons to help secure the buttons on the back side. (Optional)

  • Needle and Thread to attach the buttons

  • Plus a few items below that can be found in our shop...


Part 2 Measuring, Tracing and Cutting

Next, we take a deep dive straight into plotting out our measurements. So if you are not confident in measuring yourself.

Have a look at this video first:

Step 1: After you have written down your measurements, we are going to take a closer look at how we are going to select our size and grade between the different sizes: Click Here to have a look.

Step 2: Once you've worked out sizing, now it's time to start tracing off our design, and blending and grading between the different sizes. Watch this video to learn how.

Step 3: Finally, we are ready to cut out our fabrics, mark everything, and prepare to sew. Follow along by clicking here.


Part 3: Sewing the Garment

It literally takes so long to make it to actually sewing the garment. So much prep work goes into getting everything just right to ensure that your project will be a success and actually fit! In this step we start sewing our garment.

This video is following along with steps 1-6. Sewing the front to the back and attaching the facing.

This next video is following along with steps 7-12. Topstitching the facing, hemming and attaching sleeves.


Part 4 Pockets and Buttonholes

For our final part, and to complete our Kaia Coatigan, we are going to take a look at adding on pockets, sewing our buttonholes and attaching the buttons. All are completely optional, so if you made it this far and want to stop, you are done with your garment. However, if you want a little challenge and to learn some really cool techniques, follow along with me as I show you how to get perfect button holes every single time!

Thank you for following along with me on this little sew along to creating a Kaia Coatigan. I absolutely LOVE how mine turned out and I can't wait to see your makes as well. Please feel free to comment and leave questions below so I can help and assist.

Happy Sewing!



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