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Maker Spotlight - Kristen from @dahlia_sewciety

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

I'm sure many of you will have seen some of the amazing makes I've shared from Kristen over the years, especially recently with some of her awesome Sydni Shirt Dress makes! Known for her bright prints and bold choices Kristen is a source of inspiration. Now, she shares with us some of her greatest makes ever, as well as some sewing hints and tips that just might make your next garment just a little easier to tackle. Read on to find out more....

What got you into sewing?

I first started at 15, then off to work in retail I went and really had to wear what I sold! After sewing for my young family, costumes etc. I decided that I didn’t enjoy shopping for myself and had trouble finding bright prints and casual clothing that I wanted to wear! I’ve been making my own clothes since 2014.

What are you favourite garments to make?

My favourite makes are comfy, usually natural fibres and unique prints and of course lots of colour! I love a good top or tunic and I’m a sucker for a beautiful dress! Anything boho or floaty is always a winner in my wardrobe.

How about Sew to Grow patterns? Do you have a favourite?

Oh yes, definitely the Sydni shirt dress! Especially because I hate sewing button holes but love a good shirt dress!

Do you have any hints or tricks to share with our followers?

  • Look at the finished garment measurements to decide what fit you’d like.

  • Choose quality over quantity when it comes to fabric!

  • Support indie designers and fabric shops and go for some colour in the wardrobe!

  • If you feel good in it, wear it! Don’t fear judgment! Be confident!

What projects do you have planned next? Anything new that you would like to make to challenge yourself?

Definitely a hack on the Sydni Shirt Dress, I’d love to make a long sleeve version for winter! And maybe a leather look lined jacket.

What machines do you sew on?

A basic Janome my excel and Janome Stirling overlocker. I'd love to update them both eventually but there is so much choice out there! It’s hard to know what to go for!

What advice would you give to yourself as a beginner just starting out?

Try Indie patterns first, every single time! Just start!

When you are stuck or make a mistake on a project what do you normally do? How do you overcome obstacles when sewing?

Take a breather, learn from mistakes, ask other sewists in the community and on forums and social media! YouTube is brilliant for so much information.

Where is your favourite place to purchase fabric?
I have many! At the moment it’s Cloth Edit, Fabric Hunt, Maaidesign, The Fabric store online, Drapers Fabrics, Wattle Hill Fabric, and Spotlight for a bargain!

Anything else you would like to add, to encourage women learning to make clothing to fit their bodies?

Don’t conform to the fast fashion machine and accept what they have to offer, be brave and become your own designer and essentially wear your own personality! Make wearable art you’ll love and find the satisfaction in the process of sewing. It’s such a huge confidence booster!

Thank you so much Kristen! If you haven't already you should check out her socials. She has an amazing YouTube Channel that is updated regularly plus her insta feed and Facebook Page. I'll link them all below but first lets check out a few more of her gorgeous makes....

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