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Maker Spotlight - Meg from @megmadesewing

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

This month I got chatting to Meg from @megmadesewing. She is a VERY talented seamstress and an amazing source of inspiration, based in Northern Virginia, USA. This is someone I have watched closely over the last year and I just seem to love every new make more and more. She's definitely one to follow if you don't already, but for now check out how my chat with Meg went....

When did you first start sewing and what made you fall in love with making your own clothing?

I learned how to sew when I was in grade school, having had access to my mom's sewing machines and leftover fabrics to play with. Around age 12 I began to make my own dresses and skirts for church and that's when I really started to get into apparel sewing. I've always been artistically inclined, attracted to things like drawing, painting, dance, theater, embroidery, etc. But I also enjoy organization, sequencing, and planning. I really fell in love with sewing when I realized its a perfect union of my left and right brain-I get to enjoy the colors and patterns of textiles, the art, and the methodical nature of following steps to reach an intended outcome.

Tell us about your favourite makes...

One of my faves is the green floral Zadie jumpsuit I made a couple years ago. Its so breezy and feels delightfully feminine, which is my jam. I also love the Collins top I made with silk noil I handprinted. Its so special! But day to day, my favorite and most worn items are things like merino knit Lou Box Tops, Avery leggings, and Joss pants. And of course if its pink, its likely one of my favorites!

How about Sew to Grow patterns? Do you have a favourite?

I made a Sycamore Lane dress in a black viscose linen and I really like it. Its a posh design but I love it in the more casual, slubby viscose linen, and I always dig a black garment. I did a full bust adjustment and shortened the length of the bodice, two of my usual adjustments as a short and busty gal!

Do you have any hints or tricks to share with our followers?

There are lots of wonderful tips and tools out there, but these are my four favorite tools that make my life easier:

1. Sewing Journal- I always think I'll remember the adjustments I make to a pattern...and I never do. A journal helps me keep track of adjustments, fitting notes, machine settings, and fabrics I use, plus its a nice little scrapbook of past projects.

2. Rotary cutter and mat- makes cutting fabrics quick and, especially with shifty fabrics, much more accurate.

3. Glue stick- amazing for holding labels, zippers, facings, waistbands and otherwise tricky pattern pieces in place, resulting in near perfect seaming or topstitching.

4. Google Drive app- I store all of my PDF patterns in a well organized Google Drive. This way I can pull up pattern instructions on my phone while I'm working, or if I'm at the store and can't remember a notion or yardage for a project.

What projects do you have planned next?

There are always more projects on my mind than hours in the day! I've got a couple of 90's-esque slip dresses and summery jumpsuits in my sewing queue, and I'm also planning a knitting project to practice my sock color work.

What machines do you sew on?

I've been sewing on a Pfaff 1475CD, the machine I learned on as a kid, however a couple months ago I upgraded to a new-to-me Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro. I also use a Pfaff Hobbylock 788 serger and Coverlock 3.0 for coverstitching.

What advice would you give to yourself as a beginner just starting out?

Often in our modern world, creative interests are only valued for their utilitarian function or earning potential. This can put a lot of pressure on us to excel almost instantaneously, and to monetize our interests. If you're a beginner in any hobby/skill, particularly a creative one, I encourage you to focus on why you were drawn to that activity in the first place, and what about it brings you joy. Or in more cliche terms, its not the destination, but the journey. Be ok with having to go slowly, or making mistakes. Savor the experience of learning new things about your hobby.

When you are stuck or make a mistake on a project what do you normally do? How do you overcome obstacles when sewing?

As much as I like to power through and solve a problem in the moment, I usually find that revisiting the issue with fresh eyes after a couple days away from it is much more effective. The mistake or question seems much less dire, and with my emotions settled and my mind clear, I can usually figure out an alternative fix. And instagram is a great place to ask for help! I've been able to troubleshoot multiple issues with the help of fellow makers on social media.

Where is your favourite place to purchase fabric?

It depends what I'm looking for, but a couple of my favorites are Stitch Sew Shop (which is local to me in Northern Virginia), Blackbird Fabrics, and Harts Fabric.

Anything else you'd like to say to our ladies out there?

One of the advantages of making your own clothing is being able to custom fit it to your body. But don't let the pursuit of fit-or the vulnerability of sharing your finished clothes with others on social media-drain you of the joy of making and creating. If you like the way something fits and how it feels on your body, and you enjoyed the process of making it, then that's what matters most. If skill and precision are your goal, those will come with practice. But your handmade clothes are for you-your body, and your enjoyment.

How good was that! Thank you Meg for some inspirational words, makes and fantastic tips!

Don't forget to check Meg out on her website or on Instagram for more, until then here are a few more images....


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