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Maker Spotlight - Jemima of Tied with a Ribbon!

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

I am so excited to introduce you all to Jemima Flendt from Tied with a Ribbon - A modern Quilt and Sewing Pattern company. Jemima writes Quilting and sewing patterns aimed at the beginner but for all levels of Quilters and sewers. She has written 2 books and has designed 2 fabric collections and also loves to teach classes and workshops.

I absolutely love her use of bright colors and her ability to make me smile every time I see one of her posts. Her personality and enthusiasm is infectious and she is just as kind and generous behind the scenes as what you see on social media. What you see is exactly what you get with Jemima. We are so happy to have her as this month's Maker Spotlight and I am sure you will love getting to know her by reading along below.

When did you first start sewing and what made you fall in love with making your own clothing?

I first fell in love with sewing through my Nanna and my Mum. My Nanna was always sewing and crafting and I loved to visit and spend time with her just by her side as she would sew. My mum used to sew our clothes and many of the items from our room. I made my first quilt from all the leftover scraps that my mum had from when my younger sister had her room made over. I used all the pieces from the curtains and pillow and bedding that mum made to make a quilt from.

Tell us about your favourite makes...

I am definitely a lover of Quilt making. I love how you can make a quilt such a personal item through design, fabric choice and colours. One of my favourite designs that I created would have to be my End Game Quilt. For me it was the first time I designed a little outside of what I had previously been doing and it was the first time that I truly realised that Modern Quilting was my niche. The Quilt has been made by so many people and I love each and every version I see made. I have also recently gotten back into garment sewing and made the Sydney Shirtdress which I just love. I am looking forward to the weather warming up as it will be a summer staple for sure.

As a designer I find it hard to make time to do sewing for myself. I recently enrolled myself in a Sew To Grow class here in Perth in a way of "making" me go out and spend some time working on something for myself. I made the Sydni Shirtdress and definitely love how it turned out. I used a Jigger Jagger print with big bold random shapes and designs. I didn't have to make many alterations to it although we did add darts through the back to pull it in a bit further for a more defined shape.

Do you have any hints or tricks to share with our followers?

I think Ironing and pressing is a very undervalued step. Sometimes I the haste to make things we get so excited but it is amazing how much difference taking the time to really press makes for much easier sewing and a better look.

What projects do you have planned next? Anything new that you would like to make to challenge yourself?

I want to make the Bondi Top Dress Extension. I haven't actually made the Bondi Top before but love the dress addition so this is next on my list.

What advice would you give to yourself as a beginner just starting out?

It is okay if it doesn't work out the first time - its just fabric! Give it another go

When you are stuck or make a mistake on a project what do you normally do? How do you overcome obstacles when sewing?

I don't mind unpicking - I always think that it is better to get it right and be far happier with the end result than to just leave it.

Where is your favourite place to purchase fabric?

How about your equipment. What machines do you sew on?

I have a Tula Pink Bernina QE770

Anything else you would like to add, to encourage women learning to make clothing to fit their bodies?

Go and take a class - it is amazing how much more helpful it is and how much easier it is to get a well fitting garment when you have some guidance of an experienced sewer and just even a second pair of hands to help with fitting alterations.

Wow, I loved Jemima's tips about unpicking and that fabric is just fabric. It really is so true! Thank you Jemima for taking the time to share a little bit about yourself and your fabulous business with us! You are such an inspiration!


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