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How to sew a rolled hem

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

In this video we explore how to sew a rolled hem. A rolled hem foot has a small cork screw shape on the foot. What it does is it turns the fabric under twice and stitches it in place, all in one motion. This is a great technique when you have full skirts that need a quick hem or you have light weight fabric that needs a narrow hem.

Some Tips:

  • This technique is best suited to woven fabrics

  • Rolled hem feet come in different sizes. I am using a 2mm rolled hem which is great for rayon, voile or lawn. If you were using medium weight woven fabrics you may want to try 3mm or 4mm.

  • Starting in the hardest part. I like to do a little reverse stitch to get me started and help thread the fabric into the cork screw of the foot.

  • Make sure your needle is in the right position. You want it to stitch close the the inside edge of the hem.

  • Clip/trim any seams that you may have to sew past to reduce bulk.

  • Keep the fabric up at a slight angle and folded over while sewing to make sure it feeds into the foot correctly. This takes some practice, but stick with it. It's totally worth it.

Watch the live video to see how it is done:


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