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The Beginner Sewist - Bec's Journey into Sewing

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Why I love my unpicker...

I feel like I may be alone here, but it's true I love my unpicker. OK I wish I didn't have to use it quite as much as I do, but as a beginner sewist my unpicker gets A LOT of use, in fact I think I probably spend more time using that than I do my actually sewing machine! But why is the unpicker my favourite sewing tool?

I spent plenty of time unpicking this bikini top!
Well, I feel like it leads to a world of possibilities.

When sewing up those seams I'm safe in the knowledge that if I mess it up I can always unpick and start again. Or if I have just sewn on a strap/sleeve etc, but the fit isn't quite right or I want to hack the pattern a bit I still can! Out the thread comes and I can play with the pattern as needed. I love that I'm not scared to use it, I can and I will!

Does it drive me crazy at times? Sure. Does it mean I rush some sewing because I can always unpick? Definitely (need to stop that habit!). But it just makes me feel safe whilst learning this somewhat frustrating, but worthwhile skill.

Unpicking I think is something all sewists go through on a regular basis. We may not see it when scrolling through all those perfectly made garments by the industry legends on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook but I know for a fact they still unpick, looking at you Lindsey :-) Yes I'm hoping it happens less and less as my sewing skills develop but you know what I'd rather unpick then throw away some beautiful fabric because I made some errors, and if I need a bit more encouragement I will reach out to the sewing community, as well as eat plenty of chocolate! That makes everything better :-)

Are you like me and rely on your unpicker, maybe too much? Or if you go wrong do you just put up with the imperfections and know that it was made with love and adore it anyway? Have you found you use the unpicker less as your skills improved? Any hints and tricks to make it a quicker process for us newbies? Also do you have a favourite brand of unpicker? How often do you swap them out? I'd love to hear some advice from all of you 👇


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