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The Beginner Sewist - Bec's Journey into Sewing

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

My first attempt at using a silk blend fabric.

The last few weeks has been a bit hectic in my household with two kids to homeschool, all their activities, selling our home and finding a new one in this crazy boom market. We finally move into our new place today, so recently I've been so

busy packing and organising that unfortunately I've had very little time to develop my sewing skills. I had great plans to finish my next bikini, make my daughter one and give the CharlieAnne Wrap Dress ago, but instead I kept things very simple and just made a cute little cami top.

You may remember that I made one for my daughter a few weeks ago, well this time it was my turn. I used the Night Garden PJ set top pattern and a silk blend fabric in a cute floral that I was gifted (leftovers for a Sycamore Lane Dress Lindsey made!). It was my first attempt at using a silk blend and although definitely more slippery than the cottons I've used previously, it was definitely still easier to use than the swim fabric.

On this make I wanted to concentrate on the fit and overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I did reduce the strap length considerably (I am short in that area), and I should have lengthened the top by the same amount but didn't. This is something I will do next time. I also thought I would need to do a Full Bust Adjustment, but apparently I still haven't shaken off that Christmas/Easter chocolate and it wasn't needed! A good reminder to check measurements before each new project!! I did need to grade out from the neckline and shoulders to the waist, and I feel like I did that pretty well. The part I am more unhappy about is the finishes, so I've decided to bite the bullet and invest in an overlocker. I am definitely keen to start trying to get a more professional look to my makes and I feel that this will make all the difference. So off I go to search for an overlocker...

P.S. are suggestions on what my next #beginnersewist project should be?

Until next time,

Bec x


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