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Beginner Sewist - Bec's Journey into Sewing

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Bec here from @bjgsews and the Sew to Grow Marketing department. As a beginner sewist Lindsey has asked that I come on here from time to time and share my makes and experiences - be kind remember I'm new to this 😁

Lindsey gave me a lesson back in Nov 2020 and that's the first time I had EVER touched a sewing machine. Now I am totally hooked! She has already shared with you my first #sydnishirt and #minibondi top makes, and now here I am pictured in my latest project the #Stellaskirt

This one was fun! Firstly, I found this gorgeous #jocelynproustdesigns fabric from @spotlightstores to then be told it was probably a bit too light-weight for this pattern. Fast forward a couple of months I completely forgot that advice and went ahead and cut into it! Then it was going so, so well. I make use of the sew-alongs and hacks in the Sew to Grow Club A LOT (check the website for more info). Not actually sure I would have finished anything yet if it wasn't for them or Lindsey sitting next to me! So anyway, I hacked it a bit by making the middle & front panels one, and reducing the length by 1.5". I also halved the hem panel. I love the original look for the Stella but I knew how I wanted this fabric to be used. Next, it just all went swimmingly! I used double sided quilters tape for the first time (easy!), attached my invisible zipper foot for the first time (not sure how people go without one of these) and was so happy with the result until... I realised I had sewn one side of the zipper to the wrong side of the fabric 🤦 An hour later that was unpicked and re-attached correctly. I try it on at this stage and the skirt is too big round the waist!!! OMG this hobby can be infuriating! Zipper back off, both sides taken in and all put back together. Finally, a quick hem and it is done. I am actually loving this skirt and know I will get so much wear out of it. It was worth all the unpicking 😁

Things I've learnt:

✂️ Always check fabric choice is suitable for pattern

✂️ Make use of the Sew to Grow sew-alongs - visual learner here

✂️ Check sizing and then check again!

✂️ Maybe as a beginner I shouldn't be hacking patterns just yet


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