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Beginner Sewist - Bec's Journey into Sewing

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

How do all you girls store all those bits and bobs that come along with sewing? I have spare needles, buttons, threads that seem to be multiplying by the stack load and of course matching bobbins, ribbons, bias and more! There is just so much of it, but its all so pretty so I just keep buying more...I'm sure they will come in handy one day!!

Until Christmas I just had a big box that I chucked it all in with a couple of Tupperware containers for the smaller bits so I didn't lose them, then I was given

the BEST Christmas present!!!

Look at this beauty!! Like really its pink and glittery, so that's two of my favourite things ticked off!! And totally useful!

Its from #kmartaus and I may have originally thought it was a fishing tackle box (actually it might still be meant for that), but that would be weird as I don't fish...however it is the PERFECT organiser for sewing and can so easily be moved for girly sewing days round one of the besties or taken to class. I have so much stuff in there and still have room to spare!

Can you tell I'm a little bit in love?

I also have a magnetic pin dish (that Lindsey made for me!), my tea cup pin cushion (because I'm originally from the UK, so obviously love my tea :)) and then an amazing notion organiser. I'll share some photos below, and if you are interested in the pin dish let me know, as we can post the video for that again too.

Do you use similar systems? Share with me your great organisational tips and tricks - my fabric and patterns definitely need some tidying! But before that check out the quick video I did of my super sewing box and all it's contents.


Hey y'all!

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