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Beginner Sewist - Bec's Journey into Sewing

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

So I have a few projects on the go at the moment, and to be honest that is stressing me out! I really need to just focus and complete one - the bikini - as it was the second garment I started but I've since completed a shirt, a nightie, a

#bonditop, pj bottoms x 2, a #nightgardenpj top and have nearly finished another Bondi! Unfortunately this post is not about how I finally did complete it. Instead this is about what I'm calling my palette cleanser (thanks for the terminology Lindsey!)

So my daughter and I had a VERY rare girls day and she wanted to go for a surf. The weather was pretty crappy and I am definitely a sun loving gal, so we skipped that and she decided she wanted to sew instead. Great I thought, until I realised that I don't have any 'her' fabric and only 'my' fabric! Yep she choose my fav! A beautiful yellow with small polka dot print. All good, we can do this. Next what to make? We decided on a cami top and used the Mini In The Night Garden top pattern for this.

We had already made this pattern before, except last time we extended the top length to make a nightie, so we re-did all measurements, traced it out and then started on the fabric. Luckily it had already been washed and ironed (I always do this as soon as I purchase fabric so that I know its done. I don't want to accidentally forget, then get shrinkage once I've made something and worn it once!), so we got down to putting the pieces on and creating the jigsaw to ensure we wasted as little fabric as possible - did I mention its my fav?!? I started pinning it and Kaia went round any edges clipping it. She can pin but the clips are so good for her little fingers and this way only one of us are stabbing ourselves!! After A LONG TIME, it was pinned and cut out and we got ready for the fun part. OMG this is slow work with a 7 year old!!! Yes it is worth it blah, blah, blah, lots of quality time and skills being learnt, but couldn't she focus just a little more :)

We actually had a good run, except for putting the straps on wrong and needing to unpick them then start that step again. I attached them with the long section up instead of the long section against the top - I hope that makes sense?? Within a couple of hours I had Kaia posing in the yard with her brand new top, that she has already spilt chocolate ice-cream down and stained!!! (Where are the emojis when you need them??).

Until next time, happy sewing,

Bec x

Lessons from this make:

- check strap location before sewing

- Remember how much longer it takes 7 year olds to pin, cut and sew

- Be more prepared with 'her' fabric - think that might be reason enough for another shopping trip!

- taking the photos are harder work than the sewing!

Here's a few more of the made and one of the out-takes at the end...I had so many of those to choose from :-)


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