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Tuesday Tips with Lindsey Rae!

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

It's the last tip to catch up on - whoo hoo!

Today we are talking bias binding. It is a method that I love to use on a lot of my patterns because it is quick, easy and looks professional. However, getting your bias to look perfect can take a little practice and I have a few tips that will hopefully help you.

✂️ I love using pre-purchased bias. I have one specific kind that I stock up with from The Quilters Angel & @alllaboutsewing . I also love Liberty bias. The bias that you purchase should be the same weight or thinner weight fabric than the fabric you are sewing it to. If heavier, it can sit heavy and fall forward.

✂️ Before attaching your bias, you should stay stitch or use stay tape around the neck or along the edge of your garment to prevent it from growing on the bias. Some fabrics, like rayon, double gauze and other loose weaves can stretch & grow as you work with them.

✂️ Make your own bias. Use my youtube tutorial (on my website) to learn how to cut and make your own bias.

✂️ I cut my bias strips at 1 3/4" and iron in half WST. So rather than double fold towards the center, I only fold in half. If you purchase a double fold bias, simply iron it flat & then iron it in half.

✂️ I have a video on how to attach & join your bias in my tutorials. This will work for necks, blankets, or going around a garment. The technique is pretty much the same. Just remember that the more you pull & stretch the fabric as you sew, the more it will distort out of shape. Try to gently work around the edge & focus on keeping the raw edges together & not getting pleats.

✂️ Stitch close the the outside edge of the bias with an edge stitch foot to get a perfect stitch.

✂️ Once sewn, spray with spray starch (like Flatter) & press flat. This will help work the fibers back into place. Also, once you wash & dry the garment it should help the neck go back into place.

✂️Also, practice.

This weeks question came from @lissajduncan, who will receive a FREE PDF pattern - congratulations! If you'd like a FREE PDF pattern too then get your sewing related questions coming in. If its featured on a future Tuesday Tip post then one will be making its way to your inbox. Simple


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