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How to improve your hem finish

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

I know some of you out there struggle with hemming curves, actually I received a question all about that from @philippafergusson !

Hemming curves takes a bit of practice, but there are also a few hints and tips I can share too to make it just that little bit easier and look just a little bit more professional.

✂️Pre-mark your hem with your Fashion Multi tool or seam gauge. You don't want your folds to be more than 1/4" on a curve because if the hem is too big then you will get overlap and puckers. Ewwww... I like to mark at 1/2" so that I have a line to press up to creating the 1/4" fold up.

✂️ Before hemming spray with Flatter Spray (spray starch) to loosen the fibres and allow them to be manipulated.

✂️Have your iron set on the appropriate setting for you fabric and pinch the edge of the fabric and hold it to the marked line and iron. I always tell my students to NOT pick up the iron. Pinch, to the line, iron... continue.... If you pick up the iron and keep fiddling with the fabric you are more likely to create puckers and the fabric to slip around. The iron holds the fabric down while you are pinching, and holding to the line.

✂️Let the curve be a curve. What I mean is don't try to iron like you would in a straight line. The fabric is going to walk around in the way that it is naturally curving... LET IT. the more you can be fluid when hemming the curve the better it will lay.

Just for asking @philippafergusson will receive a FREE PDF pattern of choice. Get your questions coming in and next week you just might be receiving something special in your inbox 😁 What do you need to know?

📸Lots of beautiful curved hems on the CharliAnne Wrap Dress, a top in the making and the Port City Pants to Skirt hack!


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