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Tuesday Tips with Lindsey Rae - Hemming tips

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Ok, confession time... For YEARS hemming was my arch nemesis! I would make an entire garment and then it would sit there for a few months until I built up the desire to finish the hems. I honestly hated it.

Elise agrees with me and says that even though she's been sewing for quite some time her least favourite part of the job is hemming. So here are some of my top tips to make this step quick, easy and hassle-free...

✂️ I like to pre-hem when the garment is flat. What this means is that before side seams are sewn together, I will press up my hem allowance and put a few pins to hold in place. It is sooooo much easier to press when the garment is able to be laid flat. Then, after you sew your side seams, the fabric is already pre-folded and ready to be stitched.

✂️ Use your Multi tool to quickly mark your Hem. The tool has different cut outs so that you can mark and slide the ruler across as you mark. Takes so much less time. Alternatively use a hot ruler. This will eliminate the need to mark at all and you can press directly onto the ruler. I have a tutorial video on the website if you want to see this in action.

✂️ Let the curve be a curve... What this means is that curves want to move along as you press. I like to let mine walk around the ironing board and I always get a much smoother press.

✂️ Use Flatter Spray! This is a life changer for me and is literally the one thing that I think has changed my mind about hemming. When you spray the light weight spray starch onto the fabric, it soaks up the starch and the fabric becomes

flexible. When you press with a hot (no steam) iron, the starch dries and holds the press. I rarely use pins now and my hems always look professional.

✂️ When I press, I don't pick up my iron. I use one hand to match the edge of the fabric up to my mark (as you can see in

the picture) and the other hand stays on the iron. This keeps everything smooth and helps to prevent puckering and fold overs. It is hard to get the hang of it at first, but it really does make a difference.

✂️ Finally, when stitching your hem, stitch from the inside using an edge stitching foot. You will get perfect, close stitched hems every single time. Your mind will be blown! I promise.

And if you have any sewing questions at all get in touch! I'd love to help and if your question is used for a Tuesday Tip post then I'll send you a free PDF pattern! Elise you'll will be on its way soon 😘...


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