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How to take correct body measurements for garment sewing

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

So here are my top tips for getting accurate measurements...

✂️ Wear the undergarments that you intend to wear under what you are making. Your bra can make a MASSIVE difference at the size and how your chest naturally sits. Think of measuring yourself with your comfy bra-let compared to a padded push up bra. So it is important to measure and do your adjustments based on the same bra.

✂️ Wear skin hugging clothing when measuring yourself. A pair of leggings and a camisole work perfectly. You don't want added bulk like pockets and loose fabric distorting your measurements.

✂️ Use my #selfmeasuringtape this device allows you to place the measuring tape around your body, push the button, and the tape contracts to the exact measurement. You can check in the mirror to make sure it's level, and it prevents you from pulling the tape too tight or having it too loose. It's so nice not having to have someone there with you anytime you want to measure yourself. If you don't have one of these handy little devices, then simply make sure the tape is level all the way around, and don't pull it too tight or leave any gap when measuring.

✂️Re-measure before you make. If it has been a while since you last made a garment, do a quick check of your measurements before you start cutting.

✂️ Measure your Upper Bust, Bust, Natural Waist, and High Hip, Mid-Hip and Low Hip. The upper bust measurement can help you decide what size to trace for your neck and shoulders and if you are going to need a FBA or SBA. I also like doing three hip measurements to figure out which one is the largest of the three. We all carry our weight differently so this helps us determine where we need to grade the pattern out or in to.

✂️ You may fall into multiple size categories for you bust, waist and hip. Don't just simply pick the largest size and make that. Use your multi size pattern to grade between different sizes to get a better fit.

Hope you enjoyed today's Tip. If you have any sewing related question, please just ask! And in the meantime if you fancy learning more about the self measuring tape, you can find out more below....


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