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How to pattern match perfectly!

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

When you get your pattern matching right, it is time for celebration! I know I always do a little happy dance when my pattern matching works out. So I wanted to share with you my tips for getting your pattern to match, even stripes!

✂️ When pattern matching make sure you have purchased extra fabric to allow for moving your pattern pieces around. Some fabric repeats have a large design or the repeat pattern can be staggered (half drop).

✂️ Cut one pattern piece at a time. Rather than folding the fabric and getting a pair (right and left) open the fabric up so that you are only cutting one piece, flipping the pattern piece over and then cutting the mirror image.

✂️ Lay down your pattern piece that you are trying to match the pattern. Mark the edge where the cutting line is. Then fold back the edge and mark your SEWING LINE (based on the pattern's stated seam allowance). Cut out your pattern piece.

✂️ For the mirror image, I like to use the cut fabric piece and fold back and press on the SEWING LINE. Make sure you have the fabrics right sides together so that you end up with a mirror image and move the piece around until you line it up with the repeat. Remember to unfold the fabric when you cut your mirror image.

✂️Once they are cut, I like to mark my sewing line on the same spot where I folded and pressed back the matching line. Having a line to follow helps everything stay straight. I also pin on the line (up and down) so I can double check my placement.

✂️ I first baste the two pieces together and check that it is correct. Once I am happy, I will put my stitch length back to 2.5 and sew regularly.

✂️Cutting stripes is the same process as described above, however things move and shift when you sew. I recommend using the wash away quilter's double sided tape to temporarily hold your two pieces together. Pins don't seem to cut it. I also like using a walking foot to make sure the fabrics don't move or slip while sewing.

Do you have any tips to add? Do you love or loathe pattern matching? Tell me about it below 👇

And don't forget, y'all find all Tuesday Tips on the blog and if you have any sewing questions just ask! I'm here to help!

Swipe through these photos to see some of my BEST pattern matching EVER!


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