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Understitching: What it is and why you need to do it

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Julia from the Sew to Grow Club and @9crafty11 emailed in with her question, "What is understitch? What is the importance of it & when is the best time to use it?".

Let me explain...

✂️ Under-stitching is when you stitch close to the edge of a facing to help keep it from rolling to the outside of your garment.

✂️ After you attach the facing to your garment you will then push the seam allowance toward the facing and then stitch on the facing (close to the seam line) making sure you are catching the seam allowance underneath.

✂️ The way I liked to think about it when I was learning is that it is like topstitching but you don't see it from the front. It is only seen from the inside and attaches the seam allowance to the facing.

✂️ You may also find that in corners, it is hard to get all the way to the edge. I just start about 1-2cm away from the edge and make sure to stop at the same spot on the opposite side.

✂️ Don't be afraid of under stitching, no one is going to see it... only you do.

✂️ However, don't skip under stitching either or your facing will keep creeping up and rolling forward.

✂️I use to skip this step all the time when I was a beginner. Mainly because I was scared of it and didn't understand what it was actually for. However, once you figure out how simple it really is, and the value and quality of finish it adds to your garment, you wont want to leave it out.

Thanks for asking Julia, and just for doing so a free PDF pattern is on its way to you!

Keep your questions coming in and if used for a Tuesday Tip I'll send you a free PDF pattern of choice too 😁


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