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Tuesday Tips with Lindsey Rae! What next?

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Tanya has asked, "I'm relatively new to sewing but have now completed a few Bondi Tops. I feel ready to try something new, but what? Can I have your suggestions please?"

If you feel like you have mastered basic garments and are looking to take that next step in your sewing journey, then I would 100% suggest trying the Sydni ShirtDress.

✂️ I specifically designed this pattern with the idea that it would be the next step up from the Bondi Top.

✂️ This pattern allows you to create a basic shirt with out the pockets or collar so you can focus on insetting sleeves and inserting a facing.

✂️ Then, when you are ready, you can add the collar (which I made SUPER duper simple) Easiest collar you will ever insert, I pinky promise! You can also make it into a dress, add pockets, and even add a tie.

✂️ The pattern is an easy fit, so there won't be too many adjustments needed.

✂️ It also works well with lots of different fabrics. Here @lauren_beth_h is in a stone washed linen fabric, but I have also made this pattern in rayon, quilting cotton, and lawn. So you can create a more structured garment or something cool and floaty, just by changing the fabrics.

If you have any sewing related questions please get in touch, and if featured on a Tuesday Tip post I'll send you a FREE PDF pattern of choice! Tanya will receive hers soon 😊

But for now check out some more Sydni Shirtdress makes from both my models and makers at home....Oh and here is a link to the pattern in case you'd like it!

📸 From top left: @lauren_beth_h ; @brittanyjjones ; @dahlia_sewciety ; @noteswithnicole ; @slow.sew_ ; @lauren_beth_h again; @sew_dainty ; 4 Sydnishirt hanging in a row; Me with @martine_beard69


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