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Sewing with Knits

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

I've been asked about working with knits, particularly how to stop knit fabric from going under the machine?

✂️ Make sure you are using a new ball point or stretch needle in your machine.

✂️ If working on your domestic sewing machine, I like to also use my walking foot.

✂️ Set your machine to a lightening stitch rather than a zigzag. A lightening stitch goes up and down and acts more like a seam that stretches with your fabric, where as a zig zag is left to right. If your machine doesn't have a lightening stitch then practice adjusting your machine until you get a narrow long zigzag and when you pull your knit fabric it doesn't snap.

✂️ Don't start right on the edge. Move a little ways in, hand walk your needle into the fabric, and then reverse back to the start. This should help get all the fabric under the feed dogs and help prevent the needle pushing the fabric into the opening.

✂️ Use this Soft Stretch Hem tape for all your hems. IT IS LIFE CHANGING!! I have been on the hunt for it for nearly a year after I ordered mine and tried it out. It is double sided fusible that stays inside your garment, but stabilises your hem and stretches with the fabric. I will NEVER hem a knit garment without this stuff again (I'll pop a little video at the bottom to demonstrate how it works).

This question came from Laura Hartsuiker, and now it's been used for a Tuesday Tip I'll be sending her a code for a free PDF pattern! If you have any questions about sewing tools, notions or techniques please get in touch. I'd love to help, and if your question is used on a Tip post I'll send you a free PDF pattern too 😁

📸 New Soft Stretch Hem Tape that is now available in our shop. Video on how it works below.


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