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How to choose fabric for the Kaia Coatigan

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Following the release of the Kaia Coatigan, I wanted to jump on here and give you some of my top tips on selecting fabric for this new pattern and working with stretch fabrics.

✂ Depending on how warm and structured you want this jacket will help you decide what fabric to choose. If you want something ultra warm and to hold the shape of the jacket choose a boiled wool, like I am wearing in this photo. Another great option would be a sweatshirt knit for a fuller style jacket and warmth.

✂ For something a bit lighter and more like a cardigan, choose a medium weight jersey with a mix of cotton and spandex. The cotton will give the jacket the breathability, while the spandex will add to the recovery. You don't want the elbows of the jacket getting saggy. So try and stay away from light weight slinky knits and 100% cotton knit as well.

✂ A few other great options to try would be Ponte Knit (aka: double knit), wool bouncle, or a french terry.

✂ When sewing this jacket I like to use a walking foot and ball point needle. I also used A LOT of double sided quilters tape to hold down the pockets and facing for when I top stitched. It kept everything in place and I didn't have to bend my pins or worry about things moving as I took pins out. It was like MAGIC!

Hope these tips will help you with you next make! I can't wait to see the #kaiacoatigan start popping up in your feeds. In the meantime check out some of the samples below made by myself and pattern tester @juanitaflett. Photos by Juanita and Kimberly Freeman Photography @sunnycoastphotographer


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