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Stay Tape: What it is and how to use it

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Sometimes us experienced sewists forget that the products and terms we use aren't always known by those that are just starting out, and @alliluplus3 pointed this out to me. In a previous Tuesday Tip I had mentioned Stay Tape but not actually explained what it is, where to find it or how to use it. So here it is...

✂️ When cutting out your patterns there are certain parts that can end up on the bias. Such as your curved neckline, a v-neck, or the front of a wrap dress. When something is cut on the bias it tends to grow and stretch as you work with the fabric. This is why, with certain fabrics, you may find that your neck is quite large compared to when you started.

✂️ Stay Tape is a narrow interfacing, 1/2" (6mm) wide, and is ironed onto the wrong side of your fabric directly after cutting out your pattern. It is cut on the bias, to allow it to be flexible around curves, and has a small piece of twill tape running through the interfacing to add structure and stability.

✂️ Only one side of the Stay Tape is fusible, so you will be ironing that to the inside of your garment along the edge, as shown in the picture.

✂️Use Stay Tape immediately after you cut out your pattern on anything you think may grow or stretch during construction. It makes a huge difference especially on loose and open weave fabrics such as some linens, double gauze, and rayon.

✂️ I have both white and charcoal available for sale in my online shop - they can be found here

Thanks for the question, a free PDF pattern of choice will be with you soon @alliluplus3😁


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